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The Hottest Thinspo There Is!!!

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Proana, Promia, Eating Disorders, Ana, Mia, Depression, Bipolar, Personality Disorder, EDNOS
This is a Community purely for "Thinspiration" Purposes. It is a Proana, Promia, ProEdnos community, which is triggering for those recovering.

This is how this room works. The maintainers post thinspo that they have found on the internet, from other thinspiration sites (the sites will be given proper credit...) and from thinspo that members have sent into us. We have created an email entirely devoted to thinspiration pictures. You may send in pictures of yourself (if you want to be the next thinspo!), pictures of friends/models, anything that gives you inspiration, or your favorite models. Please note: We are not responsible for photo shopping (Faces, nudity, etc.). You will have to photo shop you're own pictures, and they must follow our guidelines. Also, the maintainers will choose which thinspo will be posted. Just because it is sent to our email, please know that there are things that we can post, and things we can't.

The guidelines to follow, if you want the chance to have your "thinspo" collection posted:
1. No, no, no, no, no Nudity. This is not a porn site. Please "blackout" any private areas.
2. If you are posting pictures of you or friends, please take time to think if you want their faces plastered on the internet. You may want to crop the picture, so their faces aren't viewable.
3. There is a section for emaciation, so if you prefer that type of thinspo, don't be afraid to send it in.
4. If you get thinspo pictures from other thinspo sites, such as "not_ur_average_thinspo" or other communities/websites please let us know that you got it from them, because we will give them credit for posting awesome pictures!
5. Make a thinspo video! Send it to us, or link us up to it if it's on youtube, and we may just post it!
6. Please respect peoples privacy, like don't go stealing pics of people on myspace, unless you ask for their permission.
7. Lastly, if you happen to know the stats of the models/people you send in, try to include them, we may post by BMI or by other statistics.

Okay so now I tell you how this Community works. Like I said before, the posts are only done by the maintainers, to ensure the privacy of our community. When we make a post, you are more than welcome to give your opinions on the thinspo. This way it will help us in the future. The only thing we will not tolerate is comments that are ANTI-ED's. And if you suspect anyone is a troll let us know please! It's a little late at night, so if you are confused by any of this I will have a section devoted to "Thinspo_Queen" on my journal... wnt2behappy.